CA, IA, MT, NJ, NM and SD Candidates and the Repeal Pledge

Rush Limbaugh, excerpt from October 27, 2010 show

Folks, there’s one or two, three, four good reasons why there’s going to be a Republican sweep, and one of them is not to go there and wait until 2012 for hopefully a Republican to win the White House. Nobody is going to the polls Tuesday to elect Republicans to go to Washington and wait for 2012 to try to make something happen.[Read More]

Wall Street Journal, lead editorial from Sept. 30, 2010

Republicans are promising to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare, and more than a few Democrats seem to be running on—or at least from—the same issue. And it’s a good campaign platform given the rising unpopularity and toxic side effects of one of the worst pieces of legislation Congress has ever passed.[Read More]