Rush Limbaugh, excerpt from October 27, 2010 show

“Folks, there’s one or two, three, four good reasons why there’s going to be a Republican sweep, and one of them is not to go there and wait until 2012 for hopefully a Republican to win the White House. Nobody is going to the polls Tuesday to elect Republicans to go to Washington and wait for 2012 to try to make something happen.

“You can — you can attach repeal measures in the always-existing omnibus appropriation bill. You can defund it. You can offer all kinds — you can play legislative tricks here. You can put it in a piece of legislation Obama has to sign. That’s what the Democrats always did with Bush.

“I’m — I’m going to tell, you Republicans, if you think there’s going to be patience to wait to do anything about this until 2012 when we might win the White House, you are sadly mistaken. You may not be there in 2012. Nobody is voting Tuesday to send anybody to Washington to wait.

“But Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh, what can they do? They’re not going to have the votes to be able to beat the president.” You continue the education, Mr. New Castrati. You continue to point out where this man’s agenda will take the country. You make every effort to stop it because you love the country. You make every effort to stop it because you disagree on principle and in kind with the — with the president’s agenda.

“This is not hard. By that I mean the strategy here is not hard. The idea is not hard. The work is, of course. It’s not hard to figure out what to do.

“I’ll say it one more time. Republicans are not being sent to Washington on Tuesday to sit around for two years and wait for a Republican to maybe win the White House in 2012.”